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Mentors and Colleagues

Onani Teacher

Who else has ever eaten ice cream sitting between a Maori Shaman and a Buddhist monk? I’m sure I’m the first in history.

And I’ve always been comfortable with spiritual teachers; talking with the Masters as friends and living in quiet solitude with them.

I guess it’s from growing up with a mother who was a former nun and a father who loved the wilderness – I learned the power of stillness, observation and wonder.

Eleanor Dunne Carver

Sister Mary Borgia

“The word ‘discipline’ comes from disciple, meaning spiritual student. When we discipline our children, we are teaching them morals, ethics and values through our example. Parenting, then, becomes a continuous personal practice of modeling the behavior we want our children to learn.”

– Eleanor Dunne Carver, M.S.N., former Ursuline nun, Onani’s Mother

Grandmother Keewaydinoquay

Grandmother Keewaydinoquay

Grandmother Kee was one of the last traditionally trained Ojibway Medicine Women. I started apprenticing with her in the early 1980s.

“If you only remember two things, remember this: You have a spiritual Purpose here on Mother Earth and you have spiritual guidance beyond your comprehension to help you fulfill that Purpose.”

– Grandmother Keewaydinoquay, M.S.Ed.

Yogi Amrit Desai

Yogi Amrit Desai Small

I practiced consciousness transformation through yoga and meditation for over 30 years with Yogi Desai, who is recognized as one of the pioneers of the authentic teachings of yoga in the west. (Since before the yoga mat was invented! Or certified yoga teacher training existed.)

“The body’s inner intelligence is the supreme intelligence. It mirrors the wisdom of the Universe – a wisdom which cannot be replaced by any expert or external authority. Listen within.”

– Yogi Amrit Desai, founder of Kripalu and Amrit Institute

Elmer Green


I have had extensive biofeedback and autogenic training with Elmer, Alyce and the Voluntary Controls Program at the Menninger Foundation beginning in 1985, continuing to the present.

“In the 21st Century, it will be taken for granted by every schoolchild that mind and matter, both inside and outside the skin, have something in common. As we begin to realize that we are not really the victims of our genetics, conditioning and accidents, changes begin to happen in our lives; nature responds to us in a new way and the things we visualize begin to happen with increasing frequency.”

– Elmer Green, Ph.D., psychophysicist, researcher, author, pioneer in biofeedback training with his wife Alyce.

Gladys Taylor McGarey

Gladys Taylor McGarey

Born in 1920 and internationally recognized as the Mother of Holistic Medicine, Dr. McGarey’s work lives on through the Foundation of Living Medicine after 65 years as a physician. Knowing her most of my adult life, I consider Gladys to be one of my most respected mentors as a woman, mother, wise healer and voice of life for the world.

“We need a total paradigm shift in the field of medicine, from killing disease to living medicine, where birth, death and life can be looked at from areas of consciousness that has been ignored and pushed aside. Pain has a message for us, same as diseases. We are reclaiming the feminine face of medicine which has always identified that love and life is where healing takes place. Life itself is the healer.”

– Gladys Taylor McGarey, M.D., internationally recognized as the Mother of Holistic Medicine, co-founder of the American Holistic Medial Association, first physician to use and teach acupuncture in the U.S.

Norm Shealy

Norm Shealy

Norm holds several patents on innovative discoveries in medicine including the widely used TENS Unit for pain control. I have studied with Norm since 1986, and am a doctoral graduate of Holos University. He was a member of my dissertation committee and considers my work “groundbreaking.”

“Conscientiousness is the single greatest factor in health and longevity. Nothing is more important than personal health. You cannot be conscientious unless you have taken basic responsibility for the essential habits, such as clean diet and regular exercise. Just take care of yourself. Health begins at home.”

– Norm Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., neurosurgeon, author, psychologist, co-founder of the American Holistic Medical Association, founder of Holos University.

Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss

I have been highly influenced by Caroline’s work since meeting and training with her in the field of medical intuition since the mid-1980’s.

“You are more than your physical body – you are an energetic being. A breakthrough occurs when you recognize that you are more energy than matter.”

– Caroline Myss, Ph.D., best-selling author, educator, lecturer.

Marshall Goldsmith

Gold Smith

Named top business leader educator of the world, Dr. Goldsmith’s teachings are based in Buddhist philosophy. I first trained with Marshall in 2004 and continue on-going education, utilizing his concepts for executive coaching and facilitation.

“For most leaders, the great challenge is not understanding the practice of leadership: It is practicing their understanding of leadership.”

– Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D., author and executive coach.

Miss Jaiya

Onani teacher

Jaiya is one of the most progressive and well-educated sexual wellness experts. I recommend her teachings on sacred sexuality for those who want to use pleasure and intimacy in their journey of self-discovery and transformation.

“Through my own journey of sexual healing towards wholeness and expanded pleasure, I have come to believe that there is a lot more to sex than what our culture has led us to believe. I am committed to teaching you a body of knowledge that is about sexual wholeness, that dispels myths and leads you to the truth about your body. There really is no limit.”

– Miss Jaiya, Ph.D., creator of The Erotic Blueprints and best-selling author of Red Hot Touch.

Gail Fuller

Gail Fuller

Gail is a catalyst for soil health and today’s farmers’ mental health, especially related to political, financial and corporate pressures. I saw the Kansas prairie come back to life through the regenerative practices at work on the Fuller farm – the plants, insects, water, spongy soil, increased diversity of all kinds as well as resilient health of the farm animals. Through Gail’s and his partner Lynnette’s educational gatherings, I’ve also gained a deeper sense of the same barriers against those who practice solutions for our food production system as in all our essential social systems.

“Regenerative agriculture isn’t just about earthworms or cover crops; it’s about regrowing communities. What we’re talking about is a paradigm shift. In order to regrow communities, we have to have more farmers.”

– Gail Fuller, regenerative farmer and educator

Raymond Ruka

Raymond Ruka

Raymond and I had a close, magical connection beginning before we ever met; it took us years to discover our own Grandmothers shared sacred song and ceremony together.

“We, the Maoris, are a matriarchal culture. We understand that women hold beauty, creativity and potential. Creative energy is very ancient, older than time. How old is that, for goodness sake? Women hold the past because they created it. Women hold the future potential as well. If you love a woman, you love the past, present and future. If you love a woman, you love God; you love Ultimate Reality.”

– Kahu O Te Maunga Raymond TeKorako Ruka, elder Tohunga of Waitaha, commonly called Maori Priest or Shaman.

Federico Faggin

Federico Faggin

Federico designed the world’s first micro-processor for Intel, and founded and directed Zilog, Cygnet Technologies, Synaptics and acted as CEO of Foveon. He also founded the Federico and Elvia Faggin Foundation to support the scientific study of consciousness.

“The physical evolution of the universe mirrors the evolution of consciousness, and vice versa. One supports the other, and thus the physical world represents the outer manifestation of universal consciousness, and consciousness connects everything from the inside.”

– Federico Faggin, Ph.D., inventor, technology founder and recipient of National Medal of Technology and Innovation

Kasia Urbaniak

Kasia Urbaniak

I’ve found Kasia’s principles of power dynamics not only highly influential in my personal life as a woman and woman scientist, but also applying the principles to the 4 phases of the creation process, such as symbiosis of bacteria and networking within soil systems. Kasia’s teachings have also influenced me to realize the qualities of desire, passion, life and love must be recognized in Unified Science to sustain the on-going of life.

“You can’t be powerful in isolation, because power is relational. You are powerful when you have powerful relationships where what you give is valued and what you receive is exactly what you want. In order to receive, we have to ask. In order to ask, we have to break the prohibition against asking.”

– Kasia Urbaniak, author, educator, founder and CEO of The Academy.

Onani Teacher with Grandmother Keewaydinoquay

My Grandmother named me Onani, which means Joy. When I was young, I was told I would teach others about joy. I had no idea what that meant until I was the furthest from joy I could imagine.

My life was anything but joy. I felt so lost, powerless, hopeless. I was nothing but a puddle on the floor. My teachers told me this time would come, but I had no idea the pain and confusion could be this deep. This is when I knew I had to really practice what the Masters had taught me.

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