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Unified Science is an updated model of science developing within our collective imagination to describe a deeper understanding of the structure and dynamics of the Universe. This model recognizes an underlying, non-physical realm of wisdom that supports creation to unfold in harmony and balance, interconnecting all aspects of existence. This field is known by many names throughout diverse cultures, such as Great Spirit, Holy Spirit, and Divine Unity. Scientifically, this concept is referred to as the Unified Field.“

– Onani Carver, Th.D.

Surpassing a mere paradigm shift

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Based on historical evidence of biological and cultural evolution, all the elements are in place for a global episteme shift. What will it take for humanity to transform?

The shift from reductionist science to Unified Science surpasses a mere paradigm shift; it’s called an episteme shift. The unconscious beliefs about matter, spirit and interconnectedness are being redefined to better explain and predict the workings of creation energy and the Unified Field. Our current social systems, such as medicine, food production and economics, will integrate life-giving, sustainable innovations in alignment with the wisdom and vitality inherent in the natural world.

Unified Science recognizes:

Dr. Onani Carver, creator of Unified Science

Dr. Onani Carver

Onani Carver, ThD, is one of the many inter-disciplinary scientists contributing to the theory that matter emerges from consciousness, rather than the generally held tenet of materialist science stating consciousness is a random side effect of brain activity. She calls this theory Unified Science.

Onani comes from a fascinating, unusual background in the exploration of spiritual process and subtle energy healing; from growing up with a former nun as a mother and North woodsman as a father, living with spiritual masters, raising children and collaborating with researchers on the leading edge of science, business, mysticism, sexuality and conflict resolution.

Onani has life-long education and experience in environmental sciences and is a doctoral graduate of Theology and Energy Medicine through Holos University Graduate Seminary. She is the recipient of the 2018 Gold Medal for Emerging Scientists by the peer-reviewed ISSSEEM Science Symposium (International Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine) for the identification of the Four Phases of the Creation Process.

Award-winning, ground-breaking research

Four Phases of Creation

How does bacteria go from a predator/prey relationship to collaboration? Symbiosis is messy, but given time, nature tends to favor the selective advantage for all.”

– Onani Carver, Th.D.


The creation process follows an identifiable, methodical process of development. This process is fractal, meaning it’s a never-ending pattern that can be seen on any scale, from the microbes in soil to the stars in galaxies.

The four phases of creation are:

Every stage is necessary. Every phase serves an essential purpose. The process is a spiral as the integration phase becomes the next adaptation phase with more complexity. And so, the creation process cycles on and on, led by its innate desire of self-expression.

You know those times in life when you feel hopeless, helpless, powerless, lost, lonely and anxious? Of course, you do. We all know those times. This is a normal, necessary stage of growth. Like the chick in the eggshell, you are meant to outgrow the very same structure that provided and protected you yesterday. The pain is a signal to shift, and yet it’s scary to move from the known to the unknown. Slow down. Breathe. Be in it. There is guidance toward meaning and purpose in the constriction for you. You are on the edge of Mystery.”

– Onani Carver, Th.D.

Award-winning, ground-breaking research

Explorer Observations

“Dr. Onani’s Unified Science events have impacted me on a level beyond the stories I have held about how life works. Onani doesn’t ‘teach’ Unified Science as much as she inhabits it and enables each participant to attune to her own awareness of how natural it all is.”

– Elyse K.

“Onani rejoices in the unconditional desire of expanding consciousness expressed in the emerging episteme shift. This coupled with an inspired understanding of tribal, spiral and power dynamics renders the enormity of the forthcoming shift accessible, impersonal and fascinating to consider.”

– Siri E.

“In a far too fragmented world, we’re all in need of principles that can help realign us back to center. Onani’s teachings on unified science has touched my cellular memory back to the wholeness of being human and in relation to the wild.”

– Nicol R.


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