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What is Unified Science?

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The easiest way to understand Unified Science is to compare it to today’s science, called materialist, reductionist science.

  • Materialist means the basic building blocks of all of creation begins with inanimate, physical material- time, space, matter, force, gravity, etc.
  • Reductionist means that complex phenomenon can be understood by examining its simple components.

Furthermore, today’s science believes in randomness, from the laws of physics to biological evolution and more specifically, that all the lush, growing, living organisms and ecosystems on our wondrous planet were created from random mutation. The social and spiritual impact of “randomness” embedded throughout our collective psyches will become clearer as an understanding of unified science deepens.

And perhaps the most significant idea to grasp is today’s science supposes that consciousness and spiritual experiences are random epiphenomenon of the brain, and therefore they can be dismissed as meaningless, misguided and insignificant. And yet, aren’t spiritual experiences, such as near-death experiences, intuitive hits, visions, awe of natural beauty, and feelings of interconnectedness, exactly what gives us a sense of meaning, guidance and Purpose?

To be clear, materialist, reductionist science has provided immense understanding and breakthroughs for human survival. And yet, as human society grows more complex, the solutions to problems used in the past are now oftentimes creating more and more complex problems. This can be seen in most every social system on the planet – our food production system producing less nutritious, more toxic food while destroying the soil, our medical system spending more and more money on healthcare while chronic illnesses increase and an economic system where resource disparity is grossly unfair.

Based on historical evidence, our planet is in a rare, but predictable, period of planetary transformation. The social structures that protected us for the past era are now causing pain, constriction and disruption – the universal signal that birth is imminent. A new version of science is developing within our collective imagination to describe a deeper understanding of the structure and dynamics of the Universe.

Just like the butterfly in the cocoon, all of creation is meant to outgrow the very same structure that once provided, protected and nurtured the developing creation within. A new expression of itself must emerge for creation to continue.

Welcome Unified Science.

Some of the basic principles of Unified Science are:

  • Consciousness is a basic, irreducible foundation from which all of existence emerges.
  • Consciousness desires to know and express itself.
  • Matter emerges from consciousness.
  • The creation process follows an identifiable, methodical process.
  • Everything is interconnected by the Unified Field.

Most significant, unified science recognizes consciousness, or non-physical awareness, as the basis from which matter emerges, in contrast to materialist science which believes consciousness is a random side effect of matter. In this updated model of the structure and behavior of the Universe, new solutions can be imagined that better support the on-going of life while regarding a sense of meaning and purpose as inherent throughout the Universe.

According to Federico Faggin, physicist and inventor of predominant computer technology, consciousness can be defined as “the ability to perceive and express one’s self.” He further states “the ultimate purpose of consciousness is to know and fulfill itself and this urge drives the evolution of All-That-Is.” In other words, consciousness has an urge to create. Consciousness yearns. Consciousness desires. Consciousness aspires to know and express itself.

Today’s materialist, reductionist science cannot address the non-physical, or spiritual aspects of life. It is based on principles of meaningless happenstance; basically a science of the dead and inert. There is no basis for a sense of meaning, guidance and purpose, no recognition of the life force. There is no recognition of interconnection, the fractal quality of the Universe, and the identifiable, methodical process of creation. Even those who know the existence of an underlying, non-physical wisdom guiding the Universe, we all must live within our current social systems based on materialist, reductionist science, such as nonnutritive food grown disconnected from soil, sun and diverse species, costly healthcare disconnected from the whole body, lifestyle and the life force, and a disparate economy disconnected from the natural flow, abundance and generative quality of resources supporting life.

Unified science describes our Universe as a manifestation of consciousness yearning to know and express itself. Unified science recognizes the innate wisdom of the life force; the wisdom that balances, grows and heals your body is the same wisdom that guides the Universe to unfold in balance and harmony. There is an awareness of meaning and purpose. The physical world offers a sense of guidance toward ease and beauty within a constantly changing planet. Unified science also explains how ancient spiritual practices are scientific by providing understanding of matter emerging from consciousness, as well as tools for transformation.

Above all, unified science provides evidence for the value of desire, passion, sensuality, relationship, self-expression, power and creativity as core qualities for the on-going of life in a healthy, vibrant, equitable and regenerative manner. Unified science recognizes what most all spiritual traditions describe. In the words of my spiritual Grandmother, Anishinaabe Medicine Woman Keewaydinaoquay, “You have a Purpose to fulfill and you have both physical and non-physical support to help you fulfill that Purpose beyond your imagination.”

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